What Niagara Chartered Professional Accountants Do for Your Business

Does your company have an on-going relationship with a Niagara Chartered Professional Accountant? Niagara Region CPAs provide crucial services to businesses; a good CPA can work with you in all aspects of your business; providing advice about financial statements, taxation, internal control systems, and much more. When it comes time for an audit or review engagement, a CPA can help you to fulfill your assurance requirements. And when you forge a relationship with a CPA firm, they’ll be with you at every stage of your company’s life; through start-up, expansion, and succession planning.

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Niagara Chartered Professional Accountants

Many small business owners in the Niagara Region hesitate to partner fully with a CPA firm. While these owners may engage an accountant to do taxes or an annual audit, they try to keep the relationship minimal in order to avoid paying accountants’ fees. However, when a company works closely with a good Chartered Professional Accountant, virtually every area of the business can be improved. In addition, partnering with an accountant can save you a lot of money.

What an Accountant Can Do for You

The list of things that a CPA can do for your business is nearly infinite! As CPAs are very familiar with taxation and tax law, you will want them to prepare your tax return and/or to represent your interests to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). A CPA can help you to prepare accurate financial statements and to use them to make a comprehensive business plan for the future. A good Chartered Professional Accountant will work with you to assess and monitor internal control systems and advise you about how to improve them. A CPA can work with your bookkeeper to oversee payroll processes, apply for government subsidy programs, verify contractors’ credentials, and more.

Jones & O’Connell LLP; Chartered Professional Accountants

Jones & O'Connell LLP has a long history of working with businesses in the Niagara Region. To learn more about what their skilled and experienced CPAs can do for your small business, contact them today!